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daily current affairs for upsc

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GENERAL STUDIES 02 current affairs

  • Terror attack at parliament of UK

  • Terrorist attacked famous west minister bridge area by ramping car and cause injury and death of the human life

  • This attack of terror give direct attack on democratic system because every country of colonialism got its idea of constitutional or democratic way of governance so our parliamentary form also called Westminster model

  • World should unite to avoid such incident and india also involve in it because more and more youth attract toward extreme or radical activity

  • Election symbol

  • For peaceful and fair election constitution made election commission under article 324 as constitutional body and give sovereign power

  • Election commission have following power or duty as awarding status to party like national party, giving them symbol, preparing electoral roll, conducting election of assembly or parliament

  • Election symbol topic becoming important as two dispute come in short span of the time such as samajvadi party and AIDMK

GENERAL STUDIES 03 current affairs

  • Census of the elephant

  • Elephant mostly found in north east, south and central indian ranges while population of the central indian elephant decreasing due to man and animal conflict and mining activity

  • To save elephant government have started special project called project elephant and scheme like Hathi Mera Sathi

  • Currently north east state conducting census of the elephant in north east rang which will give clear idea about changing habitation of the animal

  • Now forest department using direct or conventional method for the census but there should be use of the modern technique

  • Law on dam safety

  • After sendai framework on disaster management, prediction and mitigation now government bringing law on dam safety

  • This will bring regulation about maintenance and building standard of the dams

  • Old regulation on dam safety not properly implemented by the state government so new regulation more focus on institutional framework on state and central level

  • Dream of the superpower

  • Recent HDI report on the human development shows the gap between ambition and reality of indian scenario

  • In this report education and life expectancy play middle role in indian case because of the low spending by the government and lack of quality

  • Government also should work toward access and success of every policy of government on health or education

  • Inclusive growth or equality of the income also play major role in better performance in report

Dream of the superpower

  • PAN and Aadhaar link

  • Recently government proposed plan for the linking of the Aadhaar and PAN card that will help to avoid tax evasion

Recently government proposed plan for the linking of the Aadhaar and PAN card that will help to avoid tax evasion

  • But mandatory Aadhaar also will harmful because of persons right to privacy and guidance of the supreme court

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