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GENERAL STUDIES 01 current affairs.

  • River as judicial person

  • In a recent judgment, the Uttarakhand High Court declared the rivers Yamuna and Ganga as legal or juridical persons, enjoying all the rights, duties and liabilities of a living person.

  • Indian courts have granted this status to temple deities, religious books, corporations, etc., but it is for the first time that an element of the natural environment has been declared a legal person.

  • And it is not just the two rivers — all their tributaries, streams, every natural water body lowing continuously or intermittently of[f] these rivers will enjoy this status.

  • The dismal ecological state of these rivers, as well as the variety of factors responsible, is well documented. And so are the crores of rupees spent by government agencies to (unsuccessfully) attempt a cleanup.

  • . It also directed the constitution of the Ganga Management Board (a statutory body under the U.P. Re organisation Act 2000), and prohibited mining of the Ganga riverbed and its highest flood plain area.

  • The judgment comes close on the heels of New Zealand granting legal status to the Whanganui river.

GENERAL STUDIES 02 current affairs.

  • Indo us civil nuclear deal

  • Indo US civil nuclear deal was done last year to provide india technology for the civil use of nuclear science like energy production

  • India, Pakistan and north korea have not signed NPT

  • Japan has also done nuclear deal with which will be first of its outside NPT deal

    Indo us civil nuclear deal  mind map

  • NPT, constitutional provision of sovereignty, technology, changing regime in US are big hurdle to it

  • Blame game on EVM

  • It is become trend that every loser party blame EVM machine for its hard time

  • But EVM machine can not be connected to any wire or wireless devices or its software can not be tempered or broke

  • For the open and transparent operation ECI also invite candidate to check fidelity of machine and serial number of EVM also sent to candidate which allotted on random basis

  • The introduction of VVPAT or Voter Veriiable Paper Audit Trail is certainly a step in the right direction, further strengthening transparency. But will full coverage with VVPT, expected by 2019, stop allegations against EVMs.

GENERAL STUDIES 03 current affairs.

  • Tourism improvement in india

  • The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Madrid headquartered U.N. agency which promotes responsible, sustainable, and universally accessible tourism, sees India as a safe country for tourists.

  • Biggest hurdle in india is about safety and visa procedure for foreigner do indian government should work toward it.

  • Kumarakon project started by the kerala government for the responsible and sustainable project for the tourism.

  • Project tiger

  • Project tiger is first of its kind project that focused on tiger conservation and statutory body for this conservation is national tiger conservation authority [NTCA].

  • With economic development country need more viable network of the road and communication .

  • Road building led to stress in animal and man animal killing .

  • Ecology is as important as our economy .

  • Dhruv helicopter

  • Dhruv is the indigenously developed advanced light helicopter (ALH).

  • It is developed by the Hindustan aeronautics limited [HAL}.

  • To promote biodiesel use

  • In india more taxes on biodiesel than general diesel make our green initiative more vulnerable and refuse its development.

  • Bio diesel can reduce consumption of the hydro carbon and also decrease air pollution problem .

  • Bio diesel is made up of biological substances like sugarcane residue and other waste and from tree like jatropha also.

  • Climate adopting building code

  • Climate adopted building or green building is the initiative to take maximum benefit of the natural process while using minimum natural resources like day light by transparent glass .

  • With climate change global climate event frequency also increases and this led to make builder more resistant building code like earth quake proof model of the japan and hurricane free building of america .

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