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daily current affairs for upsc

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GENERAL STUDIES 01 current affairs.

  • Chances of el nino

  • El nino is simply situation in which south American west coast have higher water temperature that weaker monsoon cell on indian monsoon

  • Indian ocean diapole means comparison of the temperature between Arabian sea and Bengal sea

  • El nino affect indian monsoon negatively while indian ocean diapole have positive affect on in indian monsoon .

GENERAL STUDIES 02 current affairs.

  • SC on Aadhaar

  • Aadhaar is the indian unique identification number with biometric identity allotted to more than 100 crore indian

  • Government passed money bill to give effect Aadhaar as mandatory for getting benefit of the government scheme

  • Sc question two thing on this order that is Aadhaar as money bill and mandatory Aadhaar unconstitutional

  • But why question to such status of Aadhaar as Aadhaar also helpful In direct benefit transfer without linking?? Because Aadhaar involved biometric info. And that led to breach of right to privacy of person and cyber security with mass data management

  • Children right

  • Recently government make it compulsory to produce Aadhaar card to take benefit of the mid day meal scheme which are irrational and baseless

  • Maternity benefit of the 6000 Rs. Per pregnancy was the provision under national food security act which was implemented three year ago but this scheme implemented as new scheme recently

  • Central government given lower amount as budgetary allocation this scheme that is not enough to our country

  • Mid day meal scheme aanganvadi worker and ICDS allocation in budget have felt great cut that is not good sign for the sustainable and healthy future

  • Suicide now not crime

  • Indian constitution give person right to life under article 21 but not right to death as per past judgment of court

  • Commit suicide or attempt of suicide come under criminal activity definition of the indian constitution

  • Central government present draft law about decriminalization of the suicide recently metal health bill aimed to provide right based treatment of the person with mental disabilities

  • Naidu launches online film certification system

  • Information minister naidu launched new system of the film certification with the help of the CFCB

  • Film producer have to produce film for the first time viewer to the government body for certification

  • This new system come after government vision of the digital india initiative

GENERAL STUDIES 03 current affairs.

  • New diagnostic method for the TB

  • Till today active TB case diagnosed on the base of the testing of sputum living bacteria

  • Now with testing of the blood can specifically and sensitively give an account of active cases if TB with less time scale

  • There are two type of the TB that is pulmonary and extra pulmonary in which extra pulmonary TB can not be tested with help of sputum and infant TB also difficult to test with old technique

  • Take step on farmer suicide

  • The Supreme Court said the Centre should address the “serious issue” of farmers taking their own lives and implement a comprehensive policy to be adopted by the State governments for preventing the tragedy.

  • Insurance cover has been increased for the farmers. Earlier, it was for those who took agriculture loan but now it has been extended to all the farmers

  • Some other scheme can be implemented which focus on sustainable and economically effective agriculture

  • Bharat stage fuel

  • Bharat stage fuel system id the indian copycat strategy of the European system for the better fuel efficiency and less pollution form fuel consumption

  • Now BS ||| is under implementation and indian BS |V will be implemented this year that need special requirement of combustion system

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