Daily Current affairs IAS UPSC – March 29 2017



daily current affairs for upsc

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GENERAL STUDIES 01 current affairs

  • Heat wave problem in india

  • Every summer come with new and new record of the high temperature that affect ecology and human health

  • Heat wave declared according to meteorological standard that is 4.5 C above normal temperature

  • Heat wave mostly affect north west and south central area of the india

  • More and more incident of the heat wave increasing so national action plan should be set up by the NDMA

  • Heat wave forecasting should be spread in large public to prevent further loss.

GENERAL STUDIES 02 current affairs

  • New mental health bill

  • Government recently passed new mental health bill with some innovative provision

  • This law have provision for the right to health with respondent person advice

  • In india mental health affected person also exclude from the society and there are also problem of the rehabilitation to live with dignity in society

GENERAL STUDIES 03 current affairs

  • Reform in police system

  • First and foremost step in this regard should be recruitment in vacant place with deadline and open recruitment

  • There should me minimum government force to good governance of the police system

  • Sensitivity toward people needed most because that make people without fear from police because that led to under filing of the FIR


  • Trumps and its effect on climate change pact in world

  • Major area of trump government going toward economy first for the better America for now rather than sustainable development

  • U.S. President Donald Trump is set to issue a sweeping executive order to reverse a multitude of federal measures taken by his predecessor Barack Obama in order to meet American commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • Mr. Trump would dismantle the Clean Power Plan that sought to nudge the U.S. power industry from coal to renewable energy and cancel six executive orders and memorandums, all from the Obama era. More federal land will be open to mining and power plants will be allowed to continue on coal without facing curbs once regulations are lifted.

  • Cancelling” the Paris Agreement and putting coal miners back to work were promises made by the President during the 2016 campaign. These are issues that resonate well with the conservative constituency. Only 15% of them believe human actions can impact climate, according to a Pew study. In contrast, 79% of liberal Democrats believe human actions impact climate.

GENERAL STUDIES 04 current affairs

  • Happiness in india

  • Happiness can be get by the physical and mental peace but to get peace we first need satisfaction of our need

  • For the satisfaction first we have to have fully satisfaction of need but human desire is being endless

  • Mental happiness is one that make people happy sustainably with inner peace of mind

  • a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and the well-being of all peoples.

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