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GENERAL STUDIES 01 current affairs


  • Heat wave from thar to Himalaya

  • This year early heat wave symptom led to more than 8 C above normal temperature

  • Himalayan area specially feeling maximum heat increases that are also symptom of the global warming

  • According to definition and dictionary of the IMD heat wave means when areas temperature rise by 5 C and when rise by 7 C that called severe heat wave

  • The year 2016 was hottest year of the century while 2017 will follow similar trend > indian ocean will be more hot compare to land because land become hotter and colder quickly > will create indian ocean diapole > weakening of the monsoon cell due to pressure gradient mismatch

  • This early heat wave is due to

  1. arid and hot wind form south west

  2. western disturbance – jet stream from Mediterranean sea to north west state

  3. anti cyclonic situation – attracting wind from surrounding

  • as the effect of the global warming increasing extreme event follows

  • government [ IMD + NDMA] should prepare comprehensive plan for the management of the heat wave because it is not less than any disaster

GENERAL STUDIES 02 current affairs

  • SC hear on triple talaq issue

  • Triple talaq is the Islamic personal divorce law in which male partner can divorce his wife by uttering talaq three time and women have no say in it

  • This come under personal law and minority fundamental right so Islamic traditional body opposing it

  • According to article 13 when any law deminsh or derogate fundamental right aggrieved person can go to court for right protection

  • On the other hand our directive principle of state policy told about uniform civil code under article 44 which is now unimaginable due to cosmopolitan society

  • Bankruptcy by Westinghouse

  • Last year india and America have done civil nuclear deal to produce nuclear electricity

  • Westinghouse and NPCIL have singed deal which yet not come into force to build AP10000 standard reactor in Andhra Pradesh

  • This firm has registered for the bankruptcy recently that make indian nuclear energy hope blind

  • Aadhaar id breach of privacy

  1. left view

  • Aadhaar is mass surveillance technology. Unlike targeted surveillance, which is good and essential for national security and public order, mass surveillance undermines security. And while biometrics are appropriate for targeted surveillance by the state, they are wholly inappropriate for everyday transactions between the state and law-abiding citizens

  • Threat of the cyber security because Aadhaar technical formation poorly managed while there are threat of misuse or abuse of the mass data for cyber war

  1. right view

  • Since its inception, Aadhaar has been criticized as a project which violates privacy. India does not have a law on privacy. In fact, then chairman of UIDAI, Nandan Nilekani, wrote to the Prime Minister as early as in May 2010 suggesting that there was a need to have a data protection and privacy law.

  • Aadhaar followed the principle of incorporating privacy by design, a concept which states that IT projects should be designed with privacy in mind. Collection of biometrics has often been quoted as one of the means of violating privacy. Biometrics are essential to ensure uniqueness, a key requirement for this project. Additionally, these biometrics can be used for authentication for financial transactions, getting mobile SIMs and various other services using electronic KYC (e-KYC).

  • Aadhaar authentication and eKYC ensures that documents cannot be misused. Physical papers are amenable to misuse. We know of situations where multiple SIMs are issued based on some document, and the real owner is not even aware. On the other hand, e-KYC ensures that the document cannot be used for any other transaction. UIDAI has also built a facility wherein one can ‘lock’ the Aadhaar number and disable it from any type of authentication for a period of one’s choice, guarding against any potential misuse.

  • UDAN scheme

  • This is the scheme by government to increase regional air connectivity name as ude desh ka aam nagrik

  • This scheme join some medium and small airport to big one with only 2500/- of one hour fly

GENERAL STUDIES 03 current affairs


  • Maoist behind train accident

  • In the primary inquiry by the NIA revealed Maoist behind train accident in hirakund express in Andhra Pradesh

  • Maoist are the radical changer group that believe in violence tool for the protest against government

  • Route of this ideology found in china

  • Shifting to BS-IV

  • Bharat standard is the automobile engine standard in which technique used that make lower fuel consumption

  • This standard created on the model of the European standard model

  • Recently supreme court given accidental guidance not to register old standard vehicle will have great impact on indian automobile sector industry

  • This standard will create better air quality and decrease the effect of the global warming

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