The Hindu notes-February 1 2017

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Immigration reform in America

  • According to trump policy of America first have brought changes draft in visa procedure and regulation

  • H-1B visa program are specially formulated plan for the worker of the company. This rule will be changed and visa rules will be tightens

  • Another type of visa is L-1 that uses for the inter country employee transfer for the short and immediate duration

  • Trumps draft policy also stated for the doubling of the minimum salary of the worker under H-1B

  • Another program STEM [ science, technology, engineering, math ] which stated for the priority to American in any job and also reserved seat for the American

  • This immigration reform will hit indian IT sector as this draft publishing have slowed down IT stock by 4 % in one day

  • This also affect employment sector and competitiveness in the IT sector

Jallikatu and court denial of stay

  • Jallikatu is bull taming sport from south india found its mention in sangam literature celebrate on the occasion of the pongal one of the harvesting festival

  • This sport was banned by the court on the name of the prevention of the animal cruelty

  • Statewide mass movement of identity crisis organized in tamilnadu and that threaten law and order situation of the state

  • This forced central government to bring ordinance but that can not satisfy the need of the people

  • Tamilnadu government amends prevention of cruelty law which is ultra virus power as state government cannot amend this law.

  • But supreme court doesn’t stay this order because of SC now deciding about proper definition and safeguard of the jallikatu as cultural event as per article 29[1].

  • If this sport also come under culture of people though they can be banned on the base of the right to life that implement on animal also.

    Drawing up dieting plan and scenario of the welfare scheme on the eve of general budget

  • By the implementation of the national food security act Kerala become last state to adopt it. And now whole country covered under this law.

  • If we believe that by the expansion of the NFSA will decrease malnutrition then it will be wrong assumption.

  • We can understood by one survey report following manner


PDS subsidy change

Change in malnutrition


+ 15 %

-3 %

Madhya Pradesh

+ 15 %

  • 17 %



  • 5 %

Andhra Pradesh

+ 76 %

No change

  • Why this trend going?

  • PDS has major loophole and quality of food and ration given in the PDS not as per expectation of the people

  • If income increase then people don’t buy PDS food and go ot good quality higher calorie food and also good performance in nutrition

  • Some state like Gujarat has manage to decrease malnutrition cases without increasing subsidy because government should create capital asset that help people to change their live

  • This subsidy increasing in PDS means cheaper cereals avail > people buy more > less expenses > more hidden hunger [why ? because more cereals consumption led to saving rupee that can be used to buy milk but school and medical cost are also rising ]

  • So what government should do is provide good diet that make them immune from malnutrition

  • Direct cash transfer do only half thing government should also give education to people to spend that money effectively

Issue of the rehabilitation and resettlement in land acquisition.

  • If new law are in the place for welfare of the people then what is going wrong in bhangar in west Bengal

  • Infrastructure project acquisition are for greater common good but person, ecology affected from this never get its goodness so popular saying in disposed people is “ why only we the chosen one for the shake of the nation”

  • Present land acquisition has following problem

  1. Lack of the information

  2. Lack of mention of socio-cultural security of affected person

  3. No mention of the bio-diversity

  4. Compensation only proverbial promises

  • Narmada bachao aandolan is good example in this matter that has been not fully solved yet after 31 year of the acquisition and Gujarat government proposed this water to agriculture use but reality is that this water diverting for the use of the industrial purpose. And when looming agriculture crisis occur and blast in the form of quota agitation state government wake up.

  • Dholera is another destination on the good cause of smart city which situated on Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor in which land of the 22 village has been acquired


Economic survey and demonetization

  • Finance minister tabled economic survey with 7.1 % growth prospect and special focus on the demonetization and its impact on economy

  • Biggest discussing issue of this year survey is downward movement of the credit growth that is not good for economy in long term

  • Government should take step like abenomics taken in japan with financial stimulus

Alcohol meter and its accuracy

  • Alcohol meter is device by that we can know whether person drunk or not.

  • This machine used alcohol content per gram of the blood but recently case is coming about accuracy of the machine

Demonetization and economic survey

  • Economic survey give symbol of the “ radical governance cum social engineering measure”

  • Long term impact of demonetization is hard to find out because of extreme flexibility of government that change rule by night

  • Demonetization also effect multiple sector in multiple way so it is also complex to decide the accurate impact of this move

  • According to economic survey GDP rate will be around 6.75 % to 7.5 % means 1% point less than earlier forecast and revival of the economic will be start by march

  • Devoting a whole chapter to demonetization, the Survey recommends fast, demand-driven remonetisation, further tax reforms, including bringing land and real estate under the ambit of the Goods and Services Tax, and reducing tax rates and stamp duties.

  • It cautions against tax authorities turning overzealous. It flags the risks that Brexit and the U.S. election result pose to the world economic order, and to India’s economy.

  • The prospect of “shifts in the direction of isolationism and nativism” could threaten the global market for goods, services and labour.

    Push to solve twin balance sheet problem

  • Twin balance sheet problem means on the one hand bank give loan to entrepreneur on the base of the crony capitalism while on the other hand corporate not able to repay it that cause NPA to public bank

  • Public sector asset rehabilitation agency [PARA] has been established as government company to solve problem of looming crisis of the NPA and over leverage of the firm with rationing of the credit

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