The Hindu notes-February 3 2017


DATE 03.02.2017


  • The story of saving precious resource : water

  • In the border of the Karnataka and Kerala village people doing something unique practices to conserve water

  • They build katta means barrier to river shiriya that make border between Karnataka and Kerala

  • This barrier work as water storage that can be used in summer for irrigation as well as drinking and by this storage local ground water level also increases

  • This show unique example as both side of border people helping each other for mutual benefit

  • Now this work done under MNREGS that provide village man income and capital asset formation in village

  • This kind of model give us many lesson i.e.

  1. how to use water of river passing through two state with mutual understanding rather than dispute like Cauvery river

  2. how to utilize human resources in MNREGS

  3. innovative step to conserve and use of the water

importance of the heritage in history

  • without architecture we cannot remember –john Ruskin

  • when Britain take Delhi they first demolished 80 % of the red fort inner construction to make it Britain interest convenient

  • it was Charles canning who has established archeological survey of india [ASI] and Alexander Cunningham become first head of it.

  • Now ASI come under ministry of culture and its duty is to conserve heritage monument of the country

  • No construction ,quarrying, mining or economic activity to be done in 100 meter of the national heritage place

  • But above stated restriction bind only to books or paper because present generation believes in development even at the cost of the past also.

Looking back to look forward

  • January 30 the mourned day for the child nation losing its importance because winner was violence over non violence because today we are full of violence

  • On 30 January when Gandhi take last breath nation as child was in fear about ethic, civilization and future of nation

  • We should celebrate this day as the day of the freedom movement because it is the politics that killed Gandhi and he was the Gandhi that opposed that dirty religious politics


  • British parliament vote in favor of Brexit

  • Brexit is the term recently used for the process of the Britain to out Europe

  • European union was formed by treaty of Lisbon as economic and custom union and have common currency also

  • Britain passed referendum stating exist of the European union but supreme court ordered parliamentary vote as mandatory

  • Recently parliament vote with overwhelming majority to exit Britain that will take around two year of procedure

  • Following are the effect of Britain exit on indian economy

  1. indian firm have to get visa for European country also

  2. now trade have border as uniform market broken with European

  3. if post Brexit Britain turn toward india that will help us to boost trade.

Andhra Pradesh bringing law to give police power of DNA tagging

  • DNA tagging means every person DNA will be collected with information and when crime done on the basis of that information crime story can be solved within hour time

  • This type of legislation also bought by the central government in 2012 but failed because of the concern about right to privacy

  • This law will also fall if central government will not take step for proper legislation

  • Right to privacy come under fundamental right but it can have reasonable restriction on the basis of public order

  • India china relation

  • Relation of two pious of the Asia worsening because of the CPEC, massod azhar and NSG approval issue

  • India should accept the proposal of the china to join china Pakistan economic corridor that will help india to create free trade zone in Himalayan countries but our PM already uttered that connectivity should not override other country sovereignty


  • MNREGS and budget allocation

  • This time more budget allocation has been done in MNREGS than previous year though right group opposed it and demand for provision to employment on demand rather than only 100 days limit

  • MNREGS should be more creative and sensitive in the time of the distress in the economy like demonetization and drought

  • But major problem are ghost worker, lack of monitoring system with help of technology like space technology, delay in wage payment, no creation of capital asset, more leakages etc.

Triple surprise in budget

  • In this year budget three matter going outward than recent trend

  1. importance of the domestic economy on rising as world headword protectionism

  2. no trend of the populism movement

  3. no major provision about environment as economic survey also lack of it.

Bird lover uncover secret behind evolution of the beak

  • Every bird have developed diverse beak in search of the more and diverse food

  • This formation of the diverse beak is because of adaptive radiation a process of accommodation of bird in another environment and food and this changes come in very little time period


  • Transparency and accountability in political party funding

  • Finance minister move to only bank transaction to donation above 2000 is welcome step toward politics with passion

  • There are only provision but no mention of the mechanism because if donation not registered not verified then what will be?

  • This also led to lack of neutrality to donor as their name declared means rival party will affect his/her interest if donor party not coming to power

  • There should be best possible way is to take political party under the ambit of the RTI.

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