The Hindu notes-February 4 2017


DATE 04.02.2017


  • New prehistoric art found in Kerala

  • Neolithic petro glyphs cave evidences have been found in edakkal

  • Petro glyphs = carving and petro graphs = drawing and painting

  • This evidences show Neolithic site means Microlithic age that suggest about micro stone work for making artillery for gathering and protection

  • It is vital found because this is the stage of human evolution when human transform itself from food gatherer to food producer

  • Delhi heritage in danger



  • Blockade in Manipur and its consequences

  • Blockade automatically shows the lack of connectivity or lower connectivity

  • North east state biggest problem is connectivity not else because other problem result of that lack of connectivity

  • Government trying to connect it through kaladan project and railway connectivity but geography becoming major obstacle

  • China has provided railway connectivity in great Himalayan terrain that shows model project and india should follow it


  • Aircel maxis spectrum cases

  • This all the story start from the auctioning of the spectrum that are public resources

  • Spectrum means beam of network that company or entity can use. And for this unit has to pay money or lease rent for that purpose

  • Spectrum was given on the basis of the lottery or proportional basis so all the communication unit may not get sufficient unit

  • New and new communication unit being established to get spectrum on lease

  • This unit was only company on paper that means they come into existence only to get spectrum and sell this spectrum to other unit at high prices

  • Aircel maxis case also include this story and now head of the unit not presenting to court

  • Increases trend of the cancer

  • Brain, nervous, lung and mouth cancer cases is increasing in northern belt as per the study of the Fortis memorial research institute [FMRI]

  • What is lack of cancer patient management

  1. Lack of enough data

  2. Lack of spending by government

  3. Lack of research by medical institute

  4. High patent right in medical research

  • Violence in Kohima

  • After local body election violence occurred in Kohima the capital of Nagaland due to reservation for women in local body

  • After mass protest in violate form government suspend reserved quota that show the spirit of women empowerment in people and commitment of government

  • This incidence shows that only mention in constitution not make anything but make people eligible to understand actual meaning of every provision that matter for republic

  • Oil spill in Chennai coast

  • Two ship collision led to oil leakage in one of them and finally oil spill incident occur on the coast

  • This has devastating effect on the marine life and coastal fishing community because

  1. increase in acidity of water

  2. law sunlight penetration

  3. low dissolved oxygen

  • large number of fish and turtle washed ashore due to oil spill and this incident shows lack of infrastructure because according to provision state government given 50 % grant to update disaster relief equipment

  • nowadays by using GPS system it is impossible to collide two ship having clear weather and calm sea

  • Gujarat government plea to end import duty on scrap ship import

  • Gujarat maritime board has developed Alang-sisoya ship recycled yard in 1982.

  • This yard account for the 90 % of india ship breaking and 35 % global share with giving employment to more than 1.5 lakh people directly or indirectly

  • Central government impose 2.5 % basic import duty on ship scrap import that make tough for the competition with Chinese and Pakistan ship breaking unit

  • Rupee depreciation and dollar volatility also affect recent ship breaking as instability privilege

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